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Use the free tools below to answer your questions about investments, savings, mortgages and more.

  • How much do I need to save for retirement?
  • How much will my child’s education cost?
  • How much mortgage can I afford?
  • Should I use a registered or non-registered plan?
  • What is my net worth?


  • RRSP Calculator: Estimates the value of your RRSP at retirement and helps you plan future contributions to reach your retirement goals.
  • RRSP Illustrator: Compares the tax sheltered growth of a registered plan to the taxable growth of a non-registered plan.
  • RRSP Loan Planner: Estimates the cost of taking out a loan to invest in your RRSP and calculates the benefit of the resulting tax-sheltered savings.
  • RESP Calculator: Estimates the cost of your child’s post-secondary education and helps you develop a savings plan to pay for it.
  • RIF/LIF Illustrator: Generates a payment schedule for RRIFs, LIFs, or LRIFs throughout the life of the plan and the cash flow it can produce upon withdrawal.

Mortgage and Debt

  • Mortgage Qualifier: Estimates the size of mortgage you may qualify for based on your income and expenses, and calculates the monthly payments required to service the mortgage.
  • Mortgage and Loan Amortization Scheduler: Calculates the payment schedule for a mortgage or loan based on the mortgage or loan amount, payment type, payment frequency, interest rate and amortization period.
  • Debt Consolidator: Illustrates the potential benefits of consolidating some higher interest debt under a single lower interest rate loan.

Cash Flow and Net Worth

  • Household Cash Flow Statement: Summarizes your bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual household income and expenses and calculates the amount of money left over.
  • Major Purchase Planner: Estimates the cost and how much you will need to save over time to pay for a future major purchase.

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Assessment: Helps you develop a plan to make sure you have enough income and assets to live comfortably once you retire.
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