Feel Good About Your Financial Future

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Have you read Charlie Brophy’s eBook?

Charlie’s eBook

In Charlie Brophy’s eBook, “Steps to Financial Peace of Mind: Move from Information Overload to a Focused Plan and Feel Good about Your Future,” he describes his first lesson about inflation and economics, the things that have remained remarkably constant from one generation to the next, and what families need to focus on today to create a bright financial future. Topics include:

  • Pensions are not enough
  • The risks of do-it-yourself investing
  • Finding a Certified Financial Planner you can trust
  • The first meetings
  • How Certified Financial Planners are different from a bank
  • Creating an investment plan
  • Trust over time
  • Brophy Financial Planning’s Total Life Strategies Program

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the variety of products out there, if you are confused about what investment strategy works best for you, or if you want financial security and abundance for yourself and your family but just don’t know where to start, this book was designed to be a beacon through the fog.

Download or read Charlie’s eBook now (PDF)